Little Black Chic Tote Bag

Look Inside Me Bag

Chic. Minimalist. Seductive. Featherweight. A Basic staple of any wardrobe. The perfect accessory for any occasion. The Little Black Chic Bag

Shine in the darkness. Photography by Alina Vlasova


Photography by Alina Vlasova

Siki Incense burner set | Solidstateofbeing  |  Handmade in Bali

siki Incense cones + brass dish

Menyan uses the plants, smoke, scent, textiles, and clay of diverse lands, working with local artisans to create hand-crafted pieces that honor the everyday.

Articulated rubber single sided floor cushion cover|Solidstateofbeing

Articulated rubber single sided floor cushion cover

Our range of articulated waterproof cushion covers are forged from inner tubes and hand tailored with precision.